Thanks for clicking over to this site. PB Creative Photo is the business handle for me, Philip Beckman. If you've looked around here a little bit, you've probably already figured out that I have a passion for action photography. More of an obsession, really. Specifically, for bicycle racing of all types. Having been an avid cyclist and hardcore competitor for a couple of decades, I am able to leverage a unique perspective into my imagery. I understand the sort of locations and angles cyclists like to see. I've been told time and again, "You make us look like Pros."

I got my start in this field in May of 1981, when I was lucky enough to land a dream job at a motorcycle magazine publishing company. Motocross was my life at the time, and I'd often bring my Dad's hand-me-down Canon 35mm film camera along to the races. So having a few shots in my portfolio as well as an affinity for writing (thanks, Mom) helped me get my foot in the door. That and simply being in the right place at the right timeā€”not unlike the act of photography itself.

For the next nine years I had the adventures of traveling all over the continent with cameras in hand, learning a ton, meeting awesome people and riding/racing a wide array of motorcycles and ATVs. In the process I captured nearly a hundred cover photos.

In 1990 I decided to strike out on my own and launched PB Creative. I finished a BFA degree program in graphic design at Cal State Fullerton and started a family, at the same time providing writing and design pieces for several longtime industry clients, including American Suzuki and Carlisle Tire & Wheel Co.

Twenty years later I was ready for another career change and headed back to my roots: photography. A lot changed during my time away, but I found I could adapt easily to modern digital technology, and that the proven skills and techniques of the photographic art remained basically the same. The old dog has even learned some new tricks with lighting and post-processing.

I do have one regret when looking back: I wish I had more photos of myself when I was racing! You'll wish you did too when doing #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday type posts.

Now I'm happy to say I have a very full plate with photographic work in a field I love. I've been an "official photographer/reporter" with numerous cycling events, series and organizations. My images and words have been published all over the map in print and on the web. I'm getting to travel for work again, literally opening new horizons.

So what does the future hold? Who can say for sure, but this is what my OCD calendar looks like for the upcoming year:



1/7-8 Southridge USA Winter Series #1

1/14-15 Nevada State Gravity Championships, Bootleg Canyon

1/21-22 Southridge USA Winter Series #2

1/28 Socal Endurance 8 Hours of Temecula #1

1/29 Socal Enduro Series #1, Temecula


2/4-5  Southridge Winter Series #3

2/11-12 Bootleg Canyon, Mob n Mojave, Las Vegas

2/18-19 Southridge USA Winter Series #3

2/25 Socal Enduro Series #2, Temecula

2/26 Kenda Cup West #1, Temecula


3/4-5 Southridge USA Winter Series #4

3/11 Socal Endurance 8 Hours of Bonelli

3/12 Kenda Cup West #2, Bonelli Park, San Dimas, CA

3/18-19 Keyesville Classic, Lake Isabella

3/24-26 Reaper Madness, Bootleg Canyon


4/1-2 Fontana National, Kenda Cup XC #3 / Pro XCT / Socal Enduro Series

4/8-9 Kenda Cup West #4, USAC Pro XCT, Bonelli Park

4/15 San Luis Rey Road Race, Bonsall, CA

4/20-23 Sea Otter Classic, ProXCT, Monterey, CA

4/30 Whiskey Off-Road, Prescott, AZ*


5/6 Socal Enduro Series #4, Los Olivos, CA

5/7 Kenda Cup West XC #5, Los Olivos, CA

5/9 Over the Hump, Irvine Lake, CA

5/13-14 Utah MTB Tech Pro XCT

5/20 SCNCA State Individual Time Trial Championships, Lake Los Angeles

5/21 Belgian Waffle Ride

5/27 SCNCA State Team Time Trial Championships, Lake Los Angeles

5/30 Over the Hump, Irvine Lake, CA


6/3 Socal Enduro Series #6, Big Bear Lake

6/4 Kenda Cup West XC #6, Big Bear Lake, CA

6/6 Over the Hump, Irvine Lake, CA

6/10-11 Missoula XC Pro XCT*

6/16-18 Carson City Off-Road, Nevada*

6/17 Socal Enduro Series #7, Big Bear Lake, CA

6/18 Kenda Cup West XC #7, Big Bear Lake, CA

6/24-25  Chile Challenge Pro XCT/Pro GRT*


7/9 Kenda Cup West XC #8, Big Bear, CA

7/15-16 Eastern Grind, Kenda Cup East, Catamount, VT

7/19-23 USA Cycling MTB National Championships, Snowshoe, WV

7/29 Boston Rebellion Pro XCT

7/31-8/5 USAC Elite Track Cycling National Championships, Carson, CA* 


8/4-6 Mont Ste-Anne World Cup, Quebec, Canada*

8/6 Manhattan Beach GP

8/12-13  Windham, NY, Pro XCT/Pro GRT*

8/22 Over the Hump, Irvine Lake, CA

8/26 Socal Endurance 8 Hours of Tahquitz

8/27 Socal Enduro Series #8, Tahquitz, Angeles Oaks, CA


9/15-17 Kamikaze Bike Games, Mammoth Lakes including ProGRT Gravity Tour series finals

9/20 CrossVegas, Las Vegas, NV




11/4 Socal Endurance 8 Hours of Temecula #3

11/5 Socal Enduro Series #9, Temecula

11/19-20 SoCalCross UCI CXLA



*Tentative. You know, life happens. Please check back when date gets closer.


Camera Bodies (one each): Canon 1Dx; Canon 5DmkIV, Canon 5DMk III; Canon 7D; iPhone 7.

Lenses: Canon 200-400mm L f4; Canon 70-200mm II L f2.8; Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro; Canon 24-105mm f4, Canon 24-70mm L f2.8; Canon 50mm f1.4; Canon 16-35mm L f2.8; Canon 8-15mm L f4; Olloclip lenses for iPhone.

Lighting:  2 Profoto B1 Air (powered by built-in Profoto batteries; three spares) with zoom reflector; Quantum Qflash T5d-R powered by Quantum Turbo III batteries (two of the latter power packs, which can also be used with the flashguns); 3 Canon 600 EX-RT flashguns; Yongnuo YN14EX lens-mount ring light; Novatron 3-light portable studio kit.

Lighting controls: Profoto Air Remote TTL-C; Canon Speedlight Transmitter ST-E3-RT; Pocket Wizard Mini and Flex; Sto-Fen flashgun diffusers; Profoto 2' octa softbox; Quantum rectangular softbox; 40" Westcott 5-in-1 reflector; Shadowbox small product tent. 

Peripherals: Sandisk memory cards; Eneloop rechargeable AA and AAA batteries; spare camera batteries; Op/Tech camera straps; polarizing filter; adjustable neutral density filter; graduated neutral density filter; Canon remote shutter release; Flashpoint remote shutter release/intervalometer; spare strobe bulbs; knee pads/sleeves; Salomon hiking boots.

Stands: Slik, Davis & Sanford and Gorillapod tripods; Manfrotto monopod; Norman and Matthews light stands;

Transport: ThinkTank camera bag; Lowepro utility belt and carriers; Pelican 1560 hard case; Lightware stand case; one generic backpack dedicated to cold and/or wet shoots (clothes, camera covers, etc.).

Processing: Apple MacPro 15" Retina laptop computer; Adobe Creative Cloud software; Wacom drawing tablet; Apple Magic Mouse; no-name memory card reader; LaCie Rugged series external drives.

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