Just wanted to say awesome photos and thank you for being there!! Plan on ordering some more once I get the dough. - Brian Q.

Philip Beckman was out there doing his thing and was sure to get an amazing shot of every racer! Browse through and purchase a cool shot! - Spencer R.

Philip Beckman of PB Creative takes some seriously sick shots!! - Michael N.

Thank you for being very professional. I have been racing road race motorcycles for 15 years and have millions of pictures. But this is my first mtb photo. Your quality of work and pic is amazing... Good work. - Jason M.

I'd love to get more pics from you this season for our website and instagram postings. - Rob M.

Pics are awesome and I look forward to seeing you next weekend at Fontana. - Mark D.

I'm an old man and been racing bikes on and off since '89. I ended up winning that event.... it's been so long since I've been near a podium, much less on the top step, that I thought I better remember it. I first bought the digital image, sent it out to my parents (again, I'm not a kid at his first t-ball game) and they LOVED IT!!! Everyone I showed the image to loved your work!!! So I ordered some prints. Your work is great, I hope to continue enjoying racing and finding reasons to feel a bit narcissistic and order more work from you. Know also that this email you sent, in my opinion, is a HUGE display of professionalism and smart business!! I'll have nothing to say about PB Creative but GREAT things! I'll try and track you down at the next event and introduce myself and shake your hand. - Chris J.

We have been getting a lot of views from the pics the team has posted. - Todd B.

What you’ve offered us is something that we truly appreciate and we are making sure to honor our commitment. I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for all other types of events and will also refer your page on Facebook (this weekend).  … We are lucky to have your support! - Carlos R.

Beautiful work again.  … Your photos are absolutely stellar. - John K.

Thank you very much for the GREAT photo! Definitely a piece for the mantle.  - Dave W.

Those were some great shots you snagged on Sunday and they turned out great. Just gotta go back through the previous races from this season and find some others. Thanks for making it out every race. - Todd M.

Your photos are awesome, great lighting, happy to support you, keep up the great work! - Marq P.

The lighting and crispness of the photo are incredible. You take some incredible action shots. I wish we had people like you up in Utah! Once again thanks for taking the time to set up and take such in-depth photos! - Drew J.


Thank you for the nice shots! If you are able to find others you could let me know. I don't know if that is possible but if so my number was 657 red Specialized Stumpjumper. Red/blk Trail Angel jersey blk short shorts. Thanks again for sitting out there in the blistering heat!! - Lori E.

Awesome pic! - Paulo Q.

Your website is amazing, makes it so easy to use pictures for myself by buying them straight from you. Anneke B.

Your pictures were spectacular. I shot the downhill practice at Fontana on Saturday and my shots were mediocre at best. - John K.

I received my picture today. Thanks for your great customer service. - Sandy W.

Thank you too. The main reason I put in my small order is to try to pitch in and make it worth your while to keep coming out. That being said you also take amazing pictures. You managed to capture me in a section where I wasn't actually crashing too so that's a plus. Anyhow, thank you for your great work and I will go to your FB page and like it now. - Anonymous

Thanks so much for responding so fast! As a fellow photographer, I really appreciate your art. Your work is great! - Emily L.

The photo was great. Thank you! The process to purchase was super easy. I'm not on Facebook but if I were I'd give you thumbs up. - Jason M.

I’m planning on convincing our shop’s owner that having a shot of one of our own guys on the shop website is cooler than a stock photo from one of our distributors. It's just too cool of a shot not to share with everyone. - Kerry W.

My buddies sent me a link to MTB Action magazine where my pic is featured as picture of the day.... That was awesome!!!! Cheers.. Will see you in another race!!!!!!!! Guillermo R.

Thank you for the awesome photos. - Kimbery C.

Thank you so much! I did purchase 2 of them and I will now purchase the other one. Thank you so much for finding them for me. I was able to check out just fine. … I am excited to see all of the photos of him. - Debbie E.

Your photos are amazing!!! … Thanks so much for replying so quickly Mr. Beckman. - Cecile M.

I saw a picture you shot of our rider… We would love to share the photo on our social media sites. We would of course give you photo credit. - Marc S.

Your pictures are great. You do a great job of finding cool spots to photograph from. Keep up the good work. - Brian S.

As a racer, I know what happens near me... but it's fun to re-live a race through your lens and see how the race unfolds. I've purchased some of your photos in the past and will continue to do so. - Nathan A.

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